THE LEADER in Work Injury Management & Prevention Systems

Susan & Dennis Isernhagen
Susan J. Isernhagen, PT
is a developer and practitioner in the fields of work injury management and prevention. She specializes in occupational health and has created many of its fundamental programs. She developed the first functional capacity assessment, functional job description, and functional prework screen process as well as the newest model, Job Function Matching®. Her specialties include functional ergonomics, disability management, onsite healthcare, and the aging worker. Her published peer-reviewed research includes reliability of assessing functional capacity performance and identifying predictors for return to work. The new Job Function Matching® is based on this science.

She has developed analysis and consulting in the areas of:

  • Occupational health program and business development for hospitals, occupational medicine practices, and occupational rehabilitation clinics.
  • Analysis and implementation of methods for preventing work injuries and minimizing disability for employers and employee groups.
  • Objective measures for comparing work requirements and worker abilities to proactively reduce injuries and worker lost time days and costs.

She has presented education and training in the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, England, China, Singapore, and Israel. She is editor/author of texts and journals: Work Injury Management and Prevention (1988), The Comprehensive Guide to Work Injury Management (1995) and three volumes of the Journal WORK (2000 & 2001, 2006)

Susan has authored many chapters for books, journals, and newsletters. She is the coauthor of two peer reviewed scientific studies. She is on three scientific journal editorial boards, is the cofounder of the Ergonomic Rehabilitation Research Society and is the recipient of the APTA Kendall Award for Practice.

Dennis D. Isernhagen, PT
is a consultant and practitioner in the field of work injury prevention and management. He specializes in the design, development, and implementation of work injury and return to work systems for employers. He also consults with healthcare professionals on the development/enhancement of occupational health and rehabilitation services provided to employers. His specialties include: return to work programs and processes, disability reduction, post-offer screening and functional ergonomics.

His work with employers involves a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the current work injury prevention and management process, the identification of issues and needs, and the development of management systems that will enhance a company’s ability to significantly reduce the risks associated with work injuries. He has successfully worked with fortune 500 companies as well as independent businesses. He has served both union and non-union companies in multiple engagements.

His work with healthcare professionals involves an assessment of the market that will support an occupational health service and enhancement of the provider’s services to meet those identified employer and market needs. He has consulted with independent healthcare providers as well as internationally known medical organizations.

He has authored numerous book chapters and articles for professional and trade journals on subjects relating to work injury prevention and management, including; A Model System, Integrated Work Injury Prevention and Disability Management, Threats and Opportunities in Work Injury Management, and Building Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Programs on the Consumer's Actual Needs. He is an international speaker on these topics focusing on management of factors to reduce work injury and severity.

Dennis has made presentations on work injury management concepts throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel and Australia.
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