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Virginia “Ginnie” Halling, PT
CEO, DSI Work Solutions, Inc.
Owner, Work Therapeutic, Inc.

Since July 2013 Ginnie has served as DSI Work Solution’s CEO. She continues to serve as a DSI faculty member and offers support to DSI’s many providers. Ginnie is also founder and president of Work Therapeutics, Inc. since its inception in 1997. She has over 20 years of experience in work injury prevention and work injury management. She has worked with many employers, physicians, case managers, insurers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, attorneys and individual workers over her years of service. Her experience includes injury prevention, early intervention, disability management and wellness program development. She has worked with and developed processes for hospital based, occupational medicine based and employer based businesses.

She has articles published in several journals including Impact Magazine, Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Management and Case In Point Magazine. She has presented across the US and in Canada at professional meetings on the topics of work injury prevention and work injury management. She is privileged to work with health and safety professionals throughout the US. Ginnie can be reached at

Donna Wilson, PTA
Work Injury Prevention Specialist

Donna is a 1995 graduate of Vol State in Gallatin, TN. She has 20 years of experience working in outpatient and home health rehab. Donna has been with Work Therapeutics since January of 2014. She has been involved in work injury prevention and management locally, as well as onsite as a job analyst with DSI corporate projects. Donna has participated in delivering our JFM Program locally and nationally with companies in industry and health care.

Brandy Howard
DSI Work Solutions Office Manager

Brandy is the office manager of DSI Work Solutions since July 2013. She has worked as an office manager and physical therapy technician in outpatient physical therapy for almost 10 years. She graduated from Bowling Green Technical College with a degree in business administration. She enjoys being the voice you hear when you call, hoping to help with whatever you may need. Whether it be software help, signing up for training or just to connect you with Ginnie. She hopes to put a face with a voice at our conferences or when you may travel to Kentucky for training.


Nicholas J. Saller, PT
COO, DSI Work Solutions, Inc.

Growing up in Saint Louis, MO, I gained a firsthand appreciation for industry through working alongside my dad for 7 years doing building maintenance and construction of all types. As a third generation maintenance man and carpenter, I started a home repair business to help forge a financial means to attend college.

Attending the University of Missouri-Columbia, I graduated with undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Communication in 2002. In 2004, I returned to Mizzou to complete a Masters of Physical Therapy and graduated in 2007. Throughout PT school, I gravitated toward industrial rehabilitation offerings and business principles.

Over the last 10 years, I have been fortunate to be presented with outstanding opportunities to help grow therapy practices in the areas of outpatient orthopedics, assisted living, satellite partnerships with fitness centers, aquatics, hospital, pediatrics, long-term care, industrial rehabilitation and even healthcare staffing companies. From start-up to turnaround and consulting, I enjoy every minute of helping serve to grow each opportunity.

Early on in my PT career (2008), I was very fortunate to become trained in the DSI Work Solutions system and quickly realized the strength of DSI as a tool to empower providers, employers and their teams to the best ends for all involved.

Since 2010, my professional focus has been on discovering and applying the best principles of customer service and winning business strategies into healthcare. Rather than reinvent the wheel, my strategy has focused on learning from thought leaders across all sectors and throughout history including but not limited to: Dave Ramsey, Jack Welch, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Branson, Napoleon Hill, Nicholas Boothman, Olivia Fox Cabane, Brian Lee, Josh Kaufman, Michael Hyatt, Oprah Winfrey, and Dale Carnegie, among others. My passion is to create and implement mashups of the best principles from all business sectors to equip teams to exceed their goals. This has grown into opportunities to consult for healthcare practices, healthcare staffing companies, and even retail sporting goods outlets across the US and in other countries.

In 2015-2016 another opportunity presented to implement an occupational health toolset for a medical organization. We focused on minimizing risk, protecting internal team members, and serving the community through occupational health offerings. It was a no-brainer that DSI was the strongest fit.

After 9 years as a DSI provider, an opportunity to join the DSI team presented itself and it connected all of the pieces. From growing up in industrial maintenance and carpentry, to graduating from physical therapy school and progressing into focusing on bringing the best in customer service and business into healthcare and other industries, joining DSI combines these separate and unique areas of my experience into one comprehensive and fun role where the potential to serve is unlimited.

Outside of business, you can find me enjoying being married to my wife Lindsey. We get into all manner of adventures including: martial arts, mountain biking, snowboarding, traveling and making new friends...generally, not all at once. We have two dogs, Kita and Koru.
We are here to serve. Please reach me directly at with questions or feedback.
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