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We've listened to our providers and now we're able to honor your requests:
All of the cutting-edge DSI Work Solutions JFM/FCA methodology training in an easy-to-access format.
JFM/FCA training is now available from the comfort and convenience of your laptop.
You can easily train from home, from the clinic, or from the beach! 
Pricing is now more affordable than ever and save on travel.
We've added a new module to training to give you more tools at your disposal.
We also have the new FCA Productivity Suite: 1. Save >25%+ on documentation time, 2. Information duplication is now auto-filled, 3. Reduce the potential for errors and get more time back with auto-calculation, color-coding, and smart data entry, 4. create and export your reports for easy, compatible upload into your EMR, 5. No need for an internet connection or a subscription. The NEW FCA Productivity Suite is that good!
Call us today: 270-245-1000 to reserve your slot in our June class, or join our July class.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Reduce Healthcare Costs
& enhance both worker
safety & productivity.

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