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You’ve spoken, the economy is changing and the virtual workplace continues to become the new normal. We’ve been listening, planning, and collaborating to better serve you and the employers we all serve in order to meet the demands of our new digital world, which is fast  becoming the new normal.

Workplaces need injury prevention and management services now, more than ever. They want evidenced-based methodology, tools, tech, and data. The economy needs healthy workers and efficient service delivery to determine worker fit to job demands. As workplace strategy continues to evolve in response to the pandemic, an unbelievable incentive to foster services through high-tech, virtual environments is now front and center. 

Welcome to the new ‘GO-TO’ solution for DSI providers, companies, insurers, and TPAs.

DSI Work Solutions and MyAbilities have forged an industry-transformative collaboration to digitize the storied methodology and tools of Sue and Dennis Isernhagen. Their work has served as a benchmark to guide injury prevention and management efforts in hiring, ergonomics and stay-at-work/return-to-work. All of that power is now transforming into the digital delivery of DSI, powered by MyAbilities.  When industry leaders come together to reimagine and reinvent for the collective good, everyone wins...that’s you, the DSI Provider, and the employers we all serve.

DSI Providers, keep using and enjoy the methodology that you trust and are familiar with, see new data insights, leverage new functionality, and be on the cutting-edge as the market continues to transform. Be a part of a referral network with some of the biggest names in business, insurance, TPAs and others. Be on THE NETWORK where constant functionality, methodology, and delivery improvements are the central focus.

For a limited time, start with access to the Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) for online office ergonomics at no cost. ROSA is the most published and peer-reviewed office ergonomics system in the industry, cited in over 170 research papers, and used in over 20 countries worldwide. ?Enjoy the leading-edge functionality of this tool to wow your clients. 

Stay, and be ready to have your mind blown as Job Function Matching® and other complementary functionality come online. Be a part of this new, visionary, virtual network that is DSI powered by MyAbilities and you will gain access to exclusive referrals from major national and international employers, TPAs, and insurance companies.

Sign up now without risk or upfront cost. Hurry, this trial offer is for a limited time.

DSI is proud to announce MyAbilities as our new work injury collaboration partner.
Join our new network at zero upfront cost (for a limited time) and get a full access trial of ROSA (Rapid Office Strain Assessment), which uses the power of technology and automation to deliver office ergonomics assessments and gives you more tools and more time to better serve your clients.
Stay, and be a part of our new referral network which has some of the biggest names in insurance, TPA, and employers signing on. Plus you will get to experience the new Job Function Matching (R) platform and also FCA coming soon.

Welcome to the future of work injury management and prevention!

Want to know more, contact us at

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar announcement where Dr. Mike Sonne will be discussing ROSA in a deep-dive session covering this impactful tool and how it can serve you in serving your clients.

Hurry, this free trial won't last long.
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