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Fall Training 2017

Bowling Green, KY: 14-16 September 2017

DSI Certified Provider Fall Training

Professionals descended on Bowling Green, Kentucky literally from across the world for the most recent 3-Day DSI Certified Provider course. This latest group of sharp providers hailed from Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Hong Kong and Brazil via Portugal.

Over the three-day event, the students were immersed in both classroom and real-world learning modules.

Besides the classroom instruction in DSI principles provided by long-time DSI faculty and CEO Ginnie Halling, this fall class was treated to two tremendous learning modules. On day one of the training, students and faculty made their way to Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College to learn and execute Job Function AnalysisTM in the automobile repair teaching facility at the college. This opportunity was forged from a community partnership between Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College and DSI Work Solutions.

During this incredible opportunity, DSI students worked in small groups under the mentorship of Ginnie Halling, senior faculty Nancy Bellendorf and faculty-in-training Jennifer Kraemer to learn from Mr. Stephens’ team of students at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College in order to complete their first Job Function AnalysisTM and gather detailed information to create a Job Function DescriptionTM.

The second special learning module was the participation in and delivery of a live Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA), which is also commonly known as a Functional Capacity Evaluation or FCE.


Kentucky local Bobby Wilson generously offered his time for the FCA learning module. Mr. Wilson was not only kind to lend his time, but he paired that with a strong interest in obtaining real-world numerical proof of his physical abilities after a recent injury. His end-goal for completing the FCA was to utilize his actual, quantified, current physical abilities to govern his full return to his two physically demanding jobs as both a farmer and a quality control expert. Through the seasoned guidance of the faculty, the students did an excellent job leading Mr. Wilson through full completion of a 1-Day FCA.

During this module, a special ‘Easter Egg’ professional and cultural exchange took place whereby the students from across multiple US states, as well as Portugal and Hong Kong, worked in partnership to take Mr. Wilson through the FCA. The result was a brilliant exchange of professional and interpersonal skills from across the world.

Congratulations & best wishes to Sarah Moreira Fernandes Bernardes (#Portugal????/ #Brazil ????), Billy Cheung (#HongKong ????), Sammi Tsui (#HongKong ????), David Berning (#Indiana #USA????), Whitney Hall #Alabama #USA????), Michael Coldiron #Kentucky #USA????), and Amanda Bickford (#Indiana #USA????) for completing your DSI Provider Certification!

Also, congratulations to Jennifer Kraemer for beginning the process to become DSI Faculty.

A special thanks goes out to Nancy Bellendorf, Ginnie Halling, Donna Wilson, Bobby Wilson, and Brandy Howard, as well as Assistant Professor Jeremy Stephens and his great team at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College.


DSI Work Solutions was created as the result of the professional expertise and published research of Dennis and Susan Isernhagen (DSI). They are considered two of the pioneers in work injury prevention/management and Functional Capacity Assessment/Evaluation (FCA/FCE). As members of the Board of Directors, Dennis and Susan have instilled their confidence in the continuation of DSI as leaders in work injury prevention and management to a strong stewardship composed of Ginnie Halling as CEO, along with the DSI faculty, and the talented group of 240+ DSI providers across three continents.

DSI offers complete training modules to qualified groups looking to lead the way in work injury prevention and management, which include: Post-Offer Testing, Post-Injury/Return to Work Testing, Job Function Analysis/Testing/Matching/Descriptions, Ergonomic Opportunities, and Functional Capacity Assessments. DSI also offers consulting services to corporations looking to implement proactive strategies to reduce injury risk and associated costs. Consulting services span light and heavy industry including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, small to large healthcare organizations and others.

Interested in learning more about becoming a DSI Certified Provider or available consulting services? Please contact our main office by phone: 270-245-1000 or through email at Training is held quarterly in Bowling Green, KY with custom trainings offered to larger groups that are interested in hosting the training on their own campus. Consulting is available in remote, on-site, and hybrid configurations to suit client needs.

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