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Work Solutions Insight March 2017 Newsletter
Work Solutions Insight March 2017 Newsletter
Are you Managing Your Relationship with Employers? 
Rehab Management
March 2017
Vol 30 No 2
by Virginia (Ginnie) Halling, PT

A relationship with employers exists if you provide care to patients who also happen to be workers. Many rehab professionals are unaware of this relationship, and therefore they are unaware of how they are perceived by employers. Read on to explore the practice-expansion opportunities that exist for both clinic-based and remote (on-site) rehab professionals/employers who choose to actively manage and develop these important relationships.

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DSI Provider Spotlight
ARI Integrated Work Injury Solutions – A division of: Advanced Rehabilitation, Tell City, IN
Ben Sanford, Director of Industrial Operations and the ARI Team have been using the DSI Job Function Matching System since 2005.  They are currently working onsite in 8 industries with emphasis on early intervention, return to work and post offer employment testing.  Their employer clients have experienced a very positive impact financially using DSI’s JFM System, specifically in reference to returning workers back to work more rapidly.
"The job analyses we perform as part of the JFM helps supply objective information and serves as a great communication tool in the medical community as well as within the company.  The job analysis is great for highlighting and identifying difficult tasks within the job and allows  us to build a useful ergonomic opportunities list to keep workers safe.” 
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Legal Updates

Court rules in favor of McDonald’s worker who was injured catching ‘french fries’

A Virginia appellate court awarded worker’s compensation benefits to a fast food manager, working at a McDonald’s restaurant. 

“The worker testified she felt a ‘pop’ in her neck when she impulsively bent over quickly to catch the small bag of fries before they hit the floor.  The employer denied her claim citing Plumb Rite Plumbing Service v Barbour, 8 Va. App. 482, 382 S.E. 2d 305 (1989) in which the court held the simple act of bending over, absent any unusual or awkward movement does not provide a connection between employment and meeting the ‘arising out of’ standard.”   

“The appellate court stressed in the McDonald’s case, the record revealed more occurred than just bending.”  When the bag of fries slipped, the worker had to bend, jerk and twist and do it quickly.  “It held that the worker did this to advance the employer’s business” – by serving customers in a timely fashion through the drive through window as well as prevent food from being thrown away. 

“The court acknowledged that bending did occur routinely in every day activities, but the combination of rapid body positions that occurred in this case was sufficient to remove the occurrence from a ‘risk of the neighborhood’ to a natural incident of the work.” [1] 

DSI COMMENTS: While incidents such as this cannot be predicted as they happen impulsively, it may be helpful to have workers begin their day with dynamic stretches as well as provide early intervention programs to allow employees access to a rehab specialists in the event of an injury such as this.  While the information provided here was gleaned from an article titled, “Top 10 Bizarre Worker’s Compensation Cases for 2015” it is not that unusual for workers to experience musculoskeletal injuries when at work.  Workers tend to do what they must to get the job done and unfortunately, this can ends in an injury.

DSI Work Solutions Job Function Matching System incorporates early intervention in their system to facilitate more rapid return to work post injury or illness.

[1] Thomas A Robinson, Top 10 Bizarre Worker’s Compensations Cases for 2015
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Did you know....
  • A study performed for the years 1983 – 2006 found that in comparison with other days, the Monday directly following the switch to Daylight Savings Time in which 1 hour of sleep is lost, workers sustain more workplace injuries and injuries of greater severity.
  • Every day in America 13 people go to work and never come back due to workplace injuries
  • People who work nights tend to weigh more
  • Thirteen people die every day in America from vending machines
  • The world’s knowledge is growing so fast that 90% of what we know in 50 years time will be discovered in those 50 years
  • Over 2500 left handed people are killed every year by using right handed tools
  • Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete
  • A person will die for total lack of sleep in 10 days where as starvation takes weeks
  • In 1900 the average life span in the US was 47 years

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