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DSI Job Function Matching Method and Outcomes

DSI Job Function Matching has been successfully used to prevent injuries, facilitate early return to the original job, and reduce disability since 2004. The goal is to match worker abilities to work through validated measured Job Function Descriptions and Job Function Tests of workers. Through this objective Job Function Matching, the ability of a worker to do all functions of a job can be identified. For those unable to do a task within a job, the job modification is indicated. This information is used by employers to hire and place workers or return them to work early and safely. It is utilized by workers to identify what they can do safely, which in the return to work process is paramount. The JFM is used by medical providers for return to work releases and medical management. The following data and outcomes explain the success of DSI Job Function Matching.

Summary of published outcomes from employers:
  • Significant (up to 50%) reduction in workers compensation costs
  • Significant reduction in medical costs within work comp
  • Significant (up to 82%) reduction in restricted days
  • Significant (up to 50%) reduction in lost time days
  • Supervisor morale improved
  • Worker morale improved
  • Litigation decreased

DSI Job Function Matching: Starting with the expressed need to have objective job descriptions, objective information on what applicants or workers can perform, and methods for job modification, DSI (Dennis and Susan Isernhagen) created Job Function Matching. Employer, physician, medical team, legal team, and worker representatives gave input. The result is applicable in any business, industry, or service. The key is licensed-trained DSI medical team providers and DSI-based consultation working in conjunction with the employer. JFM processes work within an employer’s current staffing and key stakeholders. JFM makes hiring and return to work more efficient and clearer due to JFM objective information. DSI’s goal of reducing injuries/costs and improving productivity, while improving morale and efficiency, has been reached by employers, workers and medical providers using the DSI system.

From a medical perspective, peer- reviewed published research is a cornerstone. The DSI kinesiophysical testing regimes have been researched in four countries and evidence of their effectiveness and reliability are strong. (See research document)
From a legal perspective, the EEOC and Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act promote job function descriptions as an active way an employer can identify job functions and a worker can match themselves or be matched against validated job functions. Providing reasonable accommodation (job modification) for persons with a disability is mandatory. DSI Job Function Matching programs are in compliance with the intention of nondiscrimination and job relatedness.

Employers utilizing DSI Job Function Matching, provided through rehabilitation specialists licensed and trained by DSI, have found that it has solidified its hiring and return to work processes by providing objective information on how a worker matches the job. Human resources, personnel and hiring, safety, medical, legal, and financial departments of employers utilizing DSI improve their work flow and efficiency. Communication increases with medical providers as the JFM integrates the work and the medical components.

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