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Physical Demand Analysis (PDA)
DSI’s version - the DSI Job Function Analysis (JFA) advances work injury reduction and employee health “at work” initiatives. DSI trains and certifies professionals to work closely with employees and management to identify the essential job functions and the associated physical and positional requirements.

The Job Function Analysis leads to injury reduction strategies including: Job Function Description™ creation- Organize information obtained in JFA into a useful document

Ergonomic Opportunity Identification: to reduce risk of injury and improve worker productivity

Education/Training: Job specific information is readily understood by workers

Job Function Testing™-HIRING: Carefully designed FUNCTION based testing leads to placement decisions resulting in new workers that are productive and have lower injury rates

Job Function Testing™-RETURN TO WORK:  the same FUNCTION based testing used in hiring facilitates rapid return to work that is safe and productive

Job Function Matching®- The ultimate outcome, utilize the above tools in an ADAAA compliant way to keep workers safe, performing appropriate job tasks, and returning to work quickly after injury or illness
Reduce Healthcare Costs
& enhance both worker
safety & productivity.

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