THE LEADER in Work Injury Management & Prevention Systems

Effectively Manage
Injury Cases
& Claims
Increase Referrals
To Your
Generate New
Cash Based
Improve Your
Ability To Reduce
Work Injury
Related Costs
& Lost Time
Job Function Matching®
A Work Injury Prevention & Management System

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The Work Injury Life Cycle
The Work Injury Life Cycle Prevention Response Recovery
October 19, 2017
Fall Training 2017
Fall Training 2017 Bowling Green Kentucky
September 28, 2017
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June 15, 2017
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Upcoming Events Job Function Matching®? & FCA Winter Training
JFM®? and FCA Winter Training
Dec 7th - 9th
7:45 am - 5:00 pm CST
Reduce Healthcare Costs
& enhance both worker
safety & productivity.

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